Kale Spread

Garlic Kale Spread

I’m always thinking about how I can make more spreads to go on our veggie sandwiches/wraps. Plain or Red Pepper Hummus is generally our go-to spread but I’m learning to venture out a little. I’m always looking for ways to get more healthy greens into my daily diet so I came up with this “Kale Garlic Sandwich Spread”. (I’ll go into detail about kale soon – all the details you need!)

First I start with one bunch of kale – I like to use Lacinato Kale the most, also called “Black Kale” or “Elephant Kale. There are two other kinds of kale – red and green. The red and green look similar except for the color. They are a little more prickly than the lacinato and provide a little different texture. I used green kale for this recipe because that’s all I had on hand.

I also love garlic… who doesn’t!?!


I threw this little mixture together yesterday and it came out pretty good!

Kale Spread

* 1 bunch of kale – I used green kale

* 4-6 cloves garlic

* Juice of half a lemon

* Splash of bean-cooking liquid (or water)

* 1 can white beans – drained

* Salt & Pepper to taste

I mixed all these ingredients in my food processor until smooth, scraping the sides along the way.

I wonder if my toddler will eat this on pasta or toast with avocado? Hmmm… I”m going to try that tomorrow!

End Result:

Garlic Kale Spread

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  1. Michelle nash Reply

    Love it!!!! Thank you :). My husband doesn’t love kale but wants to eat more of it and he says this doesn’t taste kale-y. I am going to try it with chickpeas too just for a change. Thanks!!!

  2. Kimberly Reply

    I realize you posted this forever ago, but I just found your site. Made this today and had to tell you I love it. I made mine both a little too garlicky and a little too salty, but I will adjust down next time. I made some chickpea salad and used this as a spread on collard greens (per another recipe of yours) with the chickpeas. Great dinner! Thanks for the recipes- I’m not a fan of kale and it is sooooo good in this recipe I may just have to stop hating it. I currently only bury it- pureed- in my soup. No longer!

    • aprilcmast Reply

      Oh I’m so glad you liked it! Hey any way you can get those greens down, right? :-)