Hello… My name is April and I’m a spice hoarder…

I have a lot of spices, more than most people I bet. The thing is, I actually use them ALL!

My Spice Stash - Part 1

I use baby food jars to store them, they are the perfect height to fit into the kitchen drawer. I dream of a fancy spice organizer but in the meantime, this will have to do.

Spices Part 2

Here’s a bit more…

I need more baby food jars... and a bigger kitchen!

I order most of my spices from my favorite online spice store World Spice Merchants.  They have the freshest, best tasting spices and they are reasonably priced! Fresh spices make a huge difference in the way your recipe turns out, especially when you’re making Indian Food. I make a decent amount of Indian Food and I can really taste the difference. They also sell loose tea and tea accessories. I’m waiting for my shipment now – smoked sea salt is what I’m after this order!

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