Crossfit… A little side note

I just have to tell you how much I love Crossfit! I started a few weeks ago and I am totally hooked! I hardly exercised my entire second pregnancy due to morning sickness, exhaustion from chasing an active toddler and just plain laziness! Now, about a year later, my baby is 3 months old and I no longer have an excuse not to exercise so I decided to get serious about getting back in shape. I’m NOT going to buy new jeans!

I’ve been to Crossfit now about 15 times and I already feel stronger, I’ve noticed my muscle tone is coming back and I feel more energized. I really look forward to class, it’s a nice break from being Mommy!

Crossfit is different from any workout I’ve ever done – it’s 100 times harder but much shorter and more effective. The actual workout is only about 15-20 minutes but it’s the hardest 15-20 minutes ever!

I’ve recently joined Crossfit Pride in Santee and I love it! It’s exactly 10 minutes from my house, the coaches are awesome and very motivating, the people are all in super good shape (a motivating factor when you’re the new kid!) and the workouts are always new. The music is nice and loud and gets you pumped up to sweat!

If you are interested in trying a free introductory class – Crossfit Pride in Santee offers one Saturdays at 10am.

Here’s a good explanation of Crossfit from their website:

“CrossFit is a fitness program focused on maximizing a persons potential in strength, cardiovascular endurance, respiratory endurance, power, speed, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.  In other words, general all-around athleticism.  By using constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity, we can improve the physical fitness, or what we call general physical preparedness, in everyone from elite athletes to sedentary office workers, kids to seniors.

CrossFit is a broad and inclusive program encompassing the standards you would expect; weightlifting, body weight exercises, and traditional cardio.  However the magic of CrossFit also calls for Olympic lifting, climbing, throwing, basic tumbling, and gymnastics.  It taxes both the aerobic and the anaerobic energy systems.  Isolation movements have no place here, we focus on whole body, functional movement patterns that occur in activities of daily living (Ever sit down in a chair and stand back up?  Well that’s a squat…daily living).  Core strength may be a contemporary buzzword but it is a foundation of our program.  CrossFit makes us better general athletes and allows us to specialize outside of the gym, be it on the track, the court, or the streets.

Everyone can do CrossFit but CrossFit is not for everyone. Lets be honest, CrossFit is hard work.  There will be no magazine reading while pedaling here.  The people who thrive from CrossFit are committed to hard work, dedicated to consistency, willing to try without fear of failure, and eager for challenge.  Rarely will you do the same workout twice.  Routine is our enemy and will lead to mediocrity, complacency, and injury.  For those of you whose lives depend on your fitness; law enforcement, military, and first responders, CrossFit is what you need to be doing.  Talk to us and we will explain why we so strongly believe in this.  Of course our belief is that CrossFit is the ultimate training program as it can be tailored to suit anyone and any fitness level.”

I was so proud of myself yesterday, I have to tell you about it! I’ve been doing the beginner workout in class but yesterday I did the regular workout of the day AND I DIDN’T PUKE! I wanted to during my last run but I held it in and I made it!! I have a friend who does CrossFit on a regular basis and he says “if you don’t puke or feel like you’re going to puke, then you aren’t trying hard enough”.

This is the workout we did yesterday (a typical regular workout). I didn’t do the 200 sit ups at the end and I used a bar for the overheads vs. weights but hey… I made it through!


For time:

800M Run

10 Ground to overhead(135/95) 

3 Rounds of “Cindy”(5 Pull-ups/10 Push-ups/15 Squats)

Run 400M

3 Rounds of Cindy

10 Ground to overhead

800M Run

Cash out – 200 sit ups

So if you are interested in trying CrossFit, come in Saturday at 10am and prepare to get hooked!!!

CrossFit Pride

8630 Argent St., Suite A

Santee, CA 92071

Phone: (619) 517-4927









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