Yummy Bean Soup

This soup is delicious! It’s a little spicy and very satisfying with a side of toasted naan (if you eat bread, we do no more than twice a week) and a glass of red wine (or hemp milk for my toddler!). This recipe is from HealthyMammas.com – home of  the recently made Creamy Dreamy Superfood […]

Thai Chili Peanut Sauce

I have the best husband! He is always willing to run to the store for me if I need anything, no matter how crazy the item is or how long the list. He went to Sprouts for me a few days ago AND took our toddler to give me a much-needed break. He brought home […]

Coconut Cardamom Breakfast Farro

Farro, you may not know what it is but trust me, you’ll like it! It’s one of the oldest cultivated grains on our planet. It is high in fiber and protein and a great source of complex carbohydrates (think good carbs – whole grains). It has a chewy, hearty texture and looks like this…

Red Lentil Thai Chili

I served this chili (and the Spicy Broccoli Cheeze Soup) at a party yesterday and it was a total hit, some people asked for leftovers to-go! It was even better today when I had it for lunch and dinner. It’s such a unique tasting chili, I really love the curry paste mixed with the sweet […]