Quick & Easy Collards

I use my pressure cooker a few times a week to make beans – I like to keep them on hand at all times for salads, soups and random recipes (plus our toddler likes to snack on them). This is one of my favorite veggie recipes for the pressure cooker, it’s so easy and fast! […]

Chickpea Salad

My toddler has been a picky eater lately… she’s obsessed with cereal and that’s all she wants to eat! I decided to try a new sandwich option for her so I made this, I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now. This recipe calls for Black Salt and in case you’ve never heard of […]

Easy Roasted Garlic Marinara (Oil-Free)

I’ve tried a lot of marinara recipes but this one is my absolute favorite! That’s it, I’m never making another one again! This is really easy to make and the roasted garlic is a nice touch! Plus it freezes nicely. My toddler loved this too! In an effort to reduce my pasta intake, I mixed […]