Really Good Chili

This is delicious and easy to make too! This recipe makes a large pot of chili – we had friends over for a last minute dinner tonight and it fed 4 adults, 1 teenage boy, 1 10-year old girl and our toddler with enough for most people to have seconds. Our toddler had two big […]

Kale & Chickpeas with Creamy Cashew Sauce

This is another one of our favorite meals, the cashew sauce is super decadent and you won’t believe it’s actually non-dairy. Who knew raw cashews could be turned into something so delicious! My toddler and hubby love this dish and ask for it often… my daughter says “cweme sauce peas Mommy” (for those of you […]

Kale Avocado Salad

This is a super easy kale salad recipe with tons of flavor! This recipe is from my favorite food movie Planeat. I’ve served this a few times now and everyone loves it! This picture is terrible… just trust me, it’s really good!

Lemon Quinoa

I make quinoa every few days and add it to all sorts of things, I like to always keep a cooked bean and grain on hand at all times. Here’s a really easy way to spruce up your regular quinoa. 🙂 I usually double this recipe because we like leftovers. I use this in collard […]