Easy Plant-Based Sushi

This is one of our favorite dinners. The rolling takes a little practice but it’s worth it!

Easy Vegan Sushi

You’ll need:

* bamboo sushi rolling mat – Here’s 2 for $6.31 on Amazon

* cling wrap

* Nori seaweed sheets

* Organic Pea Shoots (Trader Joe’s)

* Organic Brown Rice – I use the frozen organic brown rice from Trader Joe’s, it’s quick! (NOTE: I also mix leftover cooked quinoa in with the brown rice – half and half)

* Seasoned Rice Vinegar

* Organic Baked Tofu – Trader Joe’s makes one or make your own

* Cooked yams

* Organic Persian Cucumbers  (Trader Joe’s), red or orange pepper, cilantro, spinach (Our favorite is rainbow chard), avocado, super thin lemon slices… jalapeno is good too.

* Sriracha Sauce: I think it’s like 1/2 cup of Vegenaise to 1-2 Tbsp Sriacha


* Stir a few teaspoons of rice vinegar into hot rice, stir and let cool to room temp

* Assemble your roll and enjoy! (See pics below)

My fillings

These are good!

Wrap your bamboo rolling mat in cling wrap

Ready to roll

Grab a piece of nori

I still don’t notice any difference if the shiny side is up or down

Add your rice

Pile up your toppings towards the front of your roll

I use the spinach leaves to hold all the goodies in while rolling. I also use rainbow chard or kale.

Start rolling the edge closest to you inward as tight as you can get it

Use a dab of water along the outside flap to close


Roll it closed and tight with mat

Get your knife wet and slice carefully but firmly


Serve with soy sauce and wasabi, top with black sesame seeds

My hubby likes his with the Sriracha sauce

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