Ali’s Chop-Chop Salad


It is such an honour to guest blog on KTFA. April’s recipes, but also (and perhaps moreover) her outlook on and attitude about nutrition have been some of the main catalysts that have helped my husband and I change the way we eat and gradually move towards a whole food, plant-based diet. Thank you April for all the time you spend on this and for always being so supportive, kind and helpful!

Chop-Chop and I met about 2 years ago when my dear friend Amanda brought some creamy, lemony avocado coleslaw to Monday night football. Let me just say that Amanda and her husband are some of those people who make the vegan lifestyle look good. The food she brings is healthy and delicious – sure, that helps – but they are so relaxed, open and non-telling about the way they choose to eat that it is truly attractive. I think that’s when I started paying attention and started reading about nutrition and slowly understanding that we had to make a change. Just like that, by watching their lives, their results and their choices. Thanks forever, Lamanda !

Like addicts looking back fondly on their gateway drug, the Chop-Chop now has a warm place in our heart and a cool place in our fridge forever and always. Ryan and I learned how to make it together. Turns out salad is a good way to introduce and empower kitchen-nervous people (cough cough husbands) to the kitchen 🙂 “Honey when you wield that knife you look just like a bad@ss Samurai” and such nonsense.

Chop-Chop underwent some changes and still sometimes does – because you can make it exactly how you like it. There are no rules – although I stay away from “wet” veggies such as tomatoes and cucumbers because I need my chop-chop to keep for a few days. If it’s being served and eaten the day-of, knock yourself out. This is always a hit at omni parties.

Sometimes I add chopped spinach, baby chard … Whatever’s in the fridge.

But enough already, let’s get to it !

Ali’s Chop-Chop Salad

Time: about 30 min (but you might be faster than me !)

Ingredients (8 Servings)

  • head green cabbage coarsely chopped or shredded in your food processor 1/2 unit
  • head red cabbage coarsely chopped or shredded in your food processor 1/2 unit
  • red onion finely chopped 1/4 - 1/2 unit
  • carrots grated 2 units
  • red peppers chopped into 1 inch chunks 2 units
  • celery stalks chopped into small chunks 2 units
  • cilantro coarsely chopped (basil optional but don't mix cilantro and basil together) 2 - 3 cups
  • hemp and/or flax seeds whole 3 - 4 tbsps
  • sunflower seeds (or walnuts, toasted almonds, etc.) 1/4 cup
  • avocados diced (toss in lemon juice before adding to prevent them from turning brown) 2 units
  • can of corn, if desired 15 ozs
  • Dressing: freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 - 3 units
  • Sea salt to taste 1 -2 tsp


  1. Throw it all together (except the avocado) in a large bowl, give it a good toss, then add dressing and avocado and toss one more time more carefully so as not to crush the lovely avocado.

Enjoy ! – Ali

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