Kid Friendly Green Smoothie

This is one of my toddler’s favorite Green Smoothies! Perfect for those days when it seems like your kids hate your cooking and won’t eat anything but snacks and air (it seems!).  I make this in my Vitamix, best blender for Green Smoothies!

The BEST Green Smoothie

My CSA goodie box (from Abundant Organics) arrived this morning so I decided to make up a new green smoothie recipe. I threw this together and it turned out to be super delicious! Both my hubby and toddler slurped one down and asked for another, we may need to run to Sprouts for more greens! […]

The BEST Sangria using CHEAP wine

I’ve given this recipe to many people and they love it every time! It’s not your typical high-maintenence sangria recipe either, you can use good ol’ $2 Chuck and no one will know the difference. I like to use the Cab or the Syrah but really, you could use anything you have open.