Yummy Black Bean & Corn Soup

This soup is REALLY good! Both kids and my hubby asked for seconds, our 14 month old screamed “Mo mo” for more until we refilled his bowl. I pureed his portion because he doesn’t like a ton of texture to his food. I will be making this again soon!

Curried Quinoa and Adzuki Bean Burger Wraps

You’re probably saying adzuki what? That’s what I said when I first heard about these little red beans. Burgers are a staple in our house lately (easy finger food for our 1-year old) and I’m always up for a new bean so I added some to my last Nuts.com order. To be honest, these burgers came […]

Skinny Buckeyes

I was trying to fight off a serious sweet tooth (it wasn’t working!) so I decided to make these… I figured it was a little bit of a compromise, considering they contain beans! They turned out really good, my hubby and toddler loved them!! This recipe is from Happy Healthy Mama. She has some really […]

Creamy Dreamy Superfood Pudding

Happy Birthday to our daughter, she turned two years old today! I made this pudding yesterday for her birthday dessert tonight – her dessert is usually fruit so this was a treat! She LOVED it! Can you tell?   When I saw this recipe on HealthyMammas.com, I just had to make it! As they put […]