Sweet Potato Curry with Kale & Chickpeas

I love any excuse to use curry! I go though phases where I cook with it all week, then I forget about it for awhile. I always come back to it though, I just ordered a few new curries from World Spice Merchant and I can’t wait to try them! I made this one at […]

Red Lentil Curry

I love anything with curry and lentils! This is quick and easy to make and it makes the house smell awesome! Our toddler enjoyed this; I added a little plain soy yogurt to hers before I tasted it, thinking it would be spicy but it wasn’t.

Easy Red Lentils with Scallion Flatbread

There’s a theme here lately… easy! I have a few recipes waiting for me to make them but I haven’t had much time lately so I’ve been powering through my SUPER easy recipes first! I’ve made this one several times, it’s really good and pretty basic. My toddler loves these lentils and so does my […]

Easy Curried Lentils & Spaghetti Squash

Things have been so hectic lately… my 4 month old has been up most of the past 5 or so nights and I’m so tired! He’s usually such a great sleeper, these sleep hiccups are tough but I know they usually don’t last long so I’m hopeful. My cooking slacks when I’m super tired so […]