Tomato & Red Lentil Soup

You know how much we love soup and lentils! Here’s an easy lentil soup using the unique spice sumac. What in the heck is sumac? I found this description on (where I buy all my spices… YUM!) “The deep red sumac berry is ground and dried to impart a tart, lemony flavor with a […]

Red Lentil Curry

I love anything with curry and lentils! This is quick and easy to make and it makes the house smell awesome! Our toddler enjoyed this; I added a little plain soy yogurt to hers before I tasted it, thinking it would be spicy but it wasn’t.

Easy Roasted Garlic Marinara (Oil-Free)

I’ve tried a lot of marinara recipes but this one is my absolute favorite! That’s it, I’m never making another one again! This is really easy to make and the roasted garlic is a nice touch! Plus it freezes nicely. My toddler loved this too! In an effort to reduce my pasta intake, I mixed […]

Easy Red Lentils with Scallion Flatbread

There’s a theme here lately… easy! I have a few recipes waiting for me to make them but I haven’t had much time lately so I’ve been powering through my SUPER easy recipes first! I’ve made this one several times, it’s really good and pretty basic. My toddler loves these lentils and so does my […]