Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil “Cheese”

I’ve been stockpiling raw food recipes lately; I love collard wraps so much but I’m getting bored with the combinations I already have. Since most raw foodist have perfected the collard wrap, I figure it’s about time I do the same. I don’t plan on going 100% raw anytime soon (yeah, like I have that […]

Real-Deal Nacho Cheeze

I haven’t made this in awhile… not because it’s not THE BEST NACHO CHEEZE EVER but because making this leads to a large consumption of chips and other snacks type things we don’t really eat too often. Yes, I know people need to splurge every now and when we do it’s for this sauce and […]

Fat Free Smoky ‘Cheeze’ Spread

I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now so yesterday I finally did it! SO glad I did because this is really good! I ordered a pound of lima beans from just for this recipe, in addition to my regular order (love that site!). I sent a container of this spread to […]