BBQ Tempeh Wrap with Goaty Cheeze

I was craving “junk food” today so I searched through my fridge and came up with this BBQ Tempeh Wrap.


* Water/broth for sauté

* 1 – 8oz block of tempeh (I like Trader Joe’s Organic Tempeh the best!)

* 1 1/2 cups leftover Finger Lickin’ Good BBQ Sauce

* 2-3 Tbsp leftover Kale Butter

* Whole wheat wraps or tortillas

* 1 cup baby spinach

* 1 tomato

* 2-4 Tbsp Goaty Cheeze

* Southwestern Chipotle Sauce


* First I cut up a block of tempeh into 8 slices

* Heat cast iron pan (or regular if you don’t have cast iron but you may need a little oil or broth so they don’t stick)

* Brown tempeh slices on both sides, about 2 minutes each side

* Blot oil from tempeh and add to bowl with bbq sauce, coat tempeh

* Assemble wrap!

I spread Kale Butter on the wrap first, then added baby spinach, bbq tempeh slices, added slices of tomato, dolloped Goaty Cashew Cheeze on top and a little Southwestern Chipotle Sauce.


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